TMX Tile Namer

Finally I managed to built a small AIR app to solve the naming problem for TiledMapEditor TMX file. Seems that I’m underestimating myself, or probably I'm just too lazy. XD

TMX Tile Namer… Yeah, it doesn't sound right… I’m not even sure that the term “Namer” is exist on English dictionary… XD

This is just one button app. To use, click on the button, and a browse window will appear. Then you can search for the tile atlas XML file. Open the file, wait for couple of second, then a new XML file will be created on your desktop.
Additionally, you can simply drag and drop the XML file to the button, and it will automatically generate an output XML file on your desktop.

There are some limitations in this app:
The app only work if the tiles have uniform size and make sure there are no empty tiles in the tileset. See below:


Something like tileset below won’t work as you can see, there are three empty tiles. Because TiledMapEditor will treat empty space/tile/region as a single tile, while on the atlas XML file, there are no information for that empty tiles.

sprites - Copy

To solve the problem, you can add new tiles or duplicate some of the existing tiles, so there are no empty tiles. Not a resource wise for sure. But that’s the only solution for now.

Another limitation is that the app won’t write the tile name directly to the TMX file. So, to complete the process, open this app’s output XML file, and copy all the <tile> node inside the root node <tiles>.


Open the TMX file with your code editor, then paste them inside the <tileset> node


Still a little bit complicated, but surely less headache than giving name to each tiles one by one via TiledMapEditor. XD

Probably in the future, I’ll improve the app. But for now, it’s enough for me.
If you want to improve the app, then here it is the app source code.
The code is messy & not commented. I’ve warn you… XD
It is a Flash CS6 project, but you can simply copy-paste or move the class to your new pure AS3 project. Flash CS6 is just used to build the interface, well, in this case it’s just a background and a button

The AIR app is inside the bin folder, named TMXTileNamer.air. Since it built with AIR 3.9, then you’ll need latest AIR runtime on your machine to install & run this app.

Well, here it is the new sample project on my previous article, but now with few more tiles added.

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  1. Very very very useful app , You made my day , Thank you ... ^____^