I'm Back!!

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Hello there,

Phew… It was quite a long time since I touch my blog again. Something like 3 years or a little bit more. My latest post is dated at 2014.

Hell yeah, so busy mantaining my own game assets store, as well as doing some freelances, make me barely have time to write on this blog.
Well, nope, that’s a lie.
I just don’t know what to write in this blog. I’ve barely do any code right now. So, no tutorials to write anymore. And the state of Flash & its related technologies that getting sad years after years makes me quite hesitate to playing around with them anymore.


Long story short, I decided to revive my blog again. I still don’t know what to write here. Haven’t think about that yet.
Game programming tutorial is very unlikely. I’ve forgot how to write a code. Haha
Something about game art? Well, maybe.
Highly probably it will be some random junks. XD

So that’s all about a quick re-introduction. Just in case there are some people who  care enough to read this post. Haha

Ah yeah, I also change the theme. It's quite minimal theme, less clutter than the old one I think. And most importantly, it’s fully responsive. Try it out on your mobile devices. It looks cool.